Julie Cusson

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

As Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for Moran Wealth Management, Julie Cusson is responsible for overseeing the team’s entire operations, including client service, IT, human resources, compliance, facilities management, and business development. On a consistently upward trajectory throughout her career, at every point along the way Julie has been integral to logistics, growth, and process management. Accomplished in her own right, Julie is a servant leader who has guided the group for more than 15 years through many significant changes, coaching at every level of the organization.  She considers her role to be a combination of social work and engineering:  identifying strengths and needs, empowering individuals to reach their potential, and optimizing systems for maximum efficiency and productivity. She is passionate about cultivating a healthy, thriving culture and believes in creating opportunities for development across the organization. In her work, Julie is eager to pass on the mentorship from which she feels fortunate to have benefited and she genuinely embraces the uniqueness of each individual she encounters. Julie is a lifelong learner who takes heed from Teddy Roosevelt’s words, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” A proud parent, Julie is passionate about pursuing creative endeavors and living abundantly.

(239) 920-4428  |  Julie.Cusson@MoranWM.com